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A dictionary of football terminologies and their meanings.

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Why understanding football terminology is important?

Football is a simple game but there are terms and phrases you have to understand in order to fully appreciate it. Knowing the jargons used in football, or “soccer” as prefer to call it, is easy. The words used by football commentators, pundits, or experts are just everyday words that have a special connotation.

The term “wide” for example, means a shot that goes too far to the side so it misses the goal. It has a special meaning in football but it is still a common word so you will easily understand them.

On the pages of this glossary are links to topics that need special discussion. They lead you to helpful articles which are simple enough for beginners and kids to understand but are interesting enough so that even the more knowledgeable readers will get more information from them.

Football is more fun when you understand its language. That is why this glossary brings you the most complete list of football words online. If there are words or phrases that you do not find here, feel free to contact Football Guide so we can update our glossary entries.