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Football Glossary, Letter E

Football terms alphabetical index

Extra time

In some tournament formats, two additional periods played if the score is tied at the end of regulation; extra time in football is 15 minutes each

European Cup

The former name of the Champion’s League, the most prestigious club competition in Europe


A goal which brings the score into a tie

Europa league

The second-most prestigious European club competition, played by teams that did not qualify for the Champions League; formerly called the Europa Cup

European Champions League

The most prestigious club tournament in Europe, simply referred to as “The Champions League” and formerly the European Cup

European Champion Clubs Cup

The trophy awarded to the winner of the Champions League

European Cup Winners’ Cup

A former European competition between winners of the major cup competitions in Europe

European Football Championship

The biggest competition for national football teams in Europe; simply referred to as the EURO

European Super Cup

A one-game competition, usually held in August, between the winner of the Champions League and Europa League; also called the UEFA Super Cup

Exhibition match

A non-competitive match between two clubs or national teams to “warm up” players before a tournament or the start of a season


To be disallowed to continue a match because of a serious, or consistent, violation of the game rules; players who are expulsed are not allowed to stay on the side of the pitch or the team’s bench

End line

Alternate term for the goal line, the marking at each end of the football field

Eighteen-yard line

A short reference to the penalty box; called such because its length from the goal line is 18 yards

English Football Association

Simply called the Football Association or FA, the highest governing body of football in England; attributed with the establishment of the first formal football rules


The abbreviation of the English Premier League, the top league in England and one of the biggest in the world


The term for football stadiums in Spain


A short reference for the European Football Championship, the biggest competition for national teams in Europe