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Football Glossary, Letter I

Football terms alphabetical index


Stands for International Football Association Board, the body that regulates the official laws of football; made up of the four football associations of the United Kingdom and the FIFA

Indirect kick

A free kick in which another player (aside from the taker) must touch the ball before a shot towards the goal can be made


An expression used to describe a player who is free from injury and is in good physical condition to play football


A short reference to the injury period in football

Injury time

Time added at the end of each half to make up for time not played during the match because of fouls, injuries, time-wasting, or technical issues

Inside curve

“Inside” and “outside” curves are relative terms in soccer; if a left-footed player kicks the ball and it bends towards the right, then he made an “inside curve”; if that left-footed player kicks a ball and it bends to the left, then he made an “outside curve” 


Upper surface of the shoes, where the laces are

Instep drive

Striking the soccer ball with the instep, used for kicking with greater power


A kick that makes the ball curve towards the inside of the goal 


To block or cut a pass between opponents 

Intertoto cup

A former competition staged by UEFA during summer for teams which did not make it to the Champions League or the Europa League, the two biggest football competitions in Europe