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Football Glossary, Letter K

Football terms alphabetical index

Keep away

A football match where teams try to keep possession of the ball as much as possible without any real attempt to score, considered as anti-football


A short reference for the goalkeeper

Keepie uppie

Alternate term for juggling, the technique of keeping the ball off the ground without the use of the arms or hands

Kick and run

An unorganized way of playing football characterized by long passes and individual attacks 

Kick and rush

Alternate term for kick and run, a football playing style that focuses on individual moves and lacks tactical plan 


The method of starting a football match or re-starting it after a goal is scored: it is done by placing the ball at the centermost part of the football pitch and kicking it to a teammate nearby

Kill the ball

To stop the ball with the foot 

Killer ball

A pass that reaches a teammate at a perfect angle and time, allowing him to score a goal easily; also called killer pass

Killer pass

A perfectly placed pass that lands at the foot of a teammate where he can easily make a goal 


An official team or club uniform, comprised of the jersey, shorts, and socks