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Football Glossary, Letter R

Football terms alphabetical index


To strike the ball by wrapping the kicking foot around the standing leg

Rainbow kick

A football trick done by flicking the ball with the back of the heel and over one’s head; this move is used to avoid a sliding tackle


The skill required to control an incoming ball

Reckless play

Any action, such as a dangerous challenge, that places an opponent in risk of injury; this act is punishable with a red or yellow card; also called dangerous play

Red card

A red-colored card given by a referee to players for serious offenses; a player who incurs a red card is sent off a match and cannot be replaced


A short reference to the head referee, the man who enforces the game rules during a match and is the final authority in officiating decisions

Reflex save

A quick save by a goalkeeper done as if with the instinct


When a team goes down to a lower division after finishing a season at one of the bottom places


The way of resuming a game after a goal is scored or after the first half, done by placing the ball at the center of the field and kicking it to a teammate; also called a kickoff

Retired numbers

Jersey numbers that a team or club no longer allows to be used in honor of a significant player who wore that number

Right back

A right fullback, a fullback who defends the right-hand side of his team’s goal

Right winger

A midfield player who plays along the right-hand side of the field, often performs offensive functions


A position similar to the right wing, except that this is more defensive than offensive

Round robin play

A tournament where all the participating teams face each other at least once