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Football Glossary, Letter U

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Union of European Football Associations, the administrative football body of Europe

UEFA Champions League

An annual international club competition featuring the top clubs in Europe; UEFA Champions League winners are considered the best clubs in the world


Former name for the UEFA Europa League, an annual competition for clubs that did not qualify to the Champions League

Under the Ball

An idiom which describes a player juggling the ball; called so because the player who keeps the ball in the air is always under it

Under-soil heating

In cold countries, this is the method of keeping natural grass from freezing or spoiling; electrical systems that generate heat are buried under the grass; stadiums that use artificial grass may not use under-soil heating

Ungentlemanly conduct

Alternate term for unsportsmanlike conduct, actions that are unruly, overly-arrogant, or deceitful (such as faking fouls); punishable with a yellow card or red card

Unplayable conditions

Conditions where playing football is not suitable: in some countries, it can get so hot or so cold that playing must be postponed or abandoned; also, venues that are above 2,750m (9,022 ft) are ruled by FIFA as unplayable


A term used to describe free agents who have not decided yet which club to play for

Unsportsmanlike conduct

Actions or behavior that are against the fair rules of play, especially the unwritten rules; these include faking fouls, arrogance towards other players, or dangerous actions on the field; also called ungentlemanly conduct


The direction towards the opponent’s goal

Upper 90

Synonymous with upper vee, the part of the goal where the crossbar and goalposts meet: shots towards the upper 90 are nearly unstoppable

Upper V

The part of the goal where the cross bar and the post meet; shots at the upper V are the most difficult to stop


An officially recognized governing body of amateur soccer in America; stands for United States Adult Soccer Association


The official governing body of soccer in the United States of America, founded in 1913; stands for United States Soccer Federation