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Football Glossary, Letter W

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A letter in statistics which indicate a win


During a free kick close to the goal, the defensive players lined up side by side to limit the shooting angle of the opponents and help the keeper

Wartime international

A term that refers to international footballers during the World War I and II; there were no official international matches during those two eras

Wasted ball

(a) An excellent pass that a teammate receives poorly by letting the ball go beyond him or playing it wrongly 
(b) A good chance for goal that a player misses

Water-logged pitch

A football pitch that becomes unplayable because of too much water on it; typically happens after a heavy rain

Weight of the pass

An idiom which indicates the speed or strength of a pass


The biggest English football stadium and the second-largest in Europe; home to England’s national team

Wembley Wizards

Nickname of the Scotland national football team in 1928, earned after defeating England 5-1 at Wembley

Whip it in

To cross the ball in front of the goal at a pace just enough for teammates to score easily


An adjective for a shot that misses the goal because it goes too far to the side

Wide players

Alternate term for the wingers, players designated near the side of the field

Win the ball

To get possession of the ball, a term often used when a player gets a loose ball after competing for it against an opponent


A defensive player positioned at the side


Midfield players who play along the side of the pitch; they bring the ball up to the strikers or attack from the side


Midfield players who play a defensive role along the side of the pitch; this has become an obsolete football position because side midfielders are now more focused on helping the attack as defense on the side are assigned to the fullbacks


A term used to denote a player who plays behind the normal line of his position; for example, a withdrawn striker plays further from the goal than a regular striker or a withdrawn midfielder plays closer to the defensive line than the midfield

W-M formation

the 3-2-2-3 formation, a classic soccer formation called such because its shape on the blackboard resembles the letters W and M


Alternate term for the goal, called such because goals before were made from wood

Works team

A football team run or administered by a company; this type of team is no longer popular these days are most teams are now “commercial” but most clubs in the English football system started as works team, such as Arsenal and Manchester United (Arsenal was formed by armaments workers while Manchester United was started by railroad workers as Newton Heath)

World Club Championship

An annual football competition played among the champions six different continents; it grew from the Intercontinental Cup, a former tournament which featured champion clubs from Europe and South America

World Cup

World Cup is the biggest football competition in the World, competed by national teams every four years; World Cup winners are considered the best football teams in the world

Worry the keeper

To harass the goalkeeper even if he already has the ball in his hands; often punishable by a red card


A term which describes a defender who becomes off-balanced after an opponents dribbles or shoots pass him