Football Guide

Football scandals & disasters

Football, as the most popular sport in the world, is not immune to scandals, tragedies and catastrophes. Find out the stories behind soccer’s biggest disasters and controversies; including financial issues, players' misbehavior and death.

Zidane head butt story

The French player head butted Marco Materazzi of Italy for allegedly hurling spiteful words at him. Read the full story.

Germany defeated Brazil 7-1 World Cup 2014

Germany defeated the Brazilians by astounding them to a 7-1 defeat at home, in the 2014 FIFA World Cup semi final, on 8th July.

Top 5 Bad Boys in Football

Presenting the infamous soccer players of all time -- inside and outside of the football fied.

Andres Escobar Own Goal

The tragic story of the gentleman of football, who was killed because of an own goal

Top 10 worst football injuries of all time

List of the most gruesome football injuries

2015 FIFA corruption case

FIFA corruption scandal summary; most controversial case that hits the football governing body which involve bribery, fraud and money laundering

Top 10 football stadium disasters

The ten worst soccer stadium tragedies in the history of association football

Heysel Stadium disaster

The 1985 football tragedy was described as "the darkest hour in the history of the UEFA competitions"

The National Stadium Disaster

The Estadio Nacional disaster of 24 May 1964 (also known as the Lima football disaster) is, to date, the worst disaster in association football history.

Euro 2016 Violence: Russian Hooligans Attack England Fans

UEFA threatens to disqualify England and Russia from the tournament

Maradona's Hand of God Goal

Why it is considered as the most controversial goal in the history of FIFA World Cup match?

1969 Football War

Get a better understanding of the soccer war and the real role that the sport played in it.