Football Guide

Soccer rules

There are 17 soccer laws in place today. The International Football Association Board (IFAB) is the rule-maker. They meet annually and their decisions are mandatory for all national football associations around the world.

Main Football Rules

What are the 17 rules of football? A newbie’s companion to understanding the basic soccer rules & regulations.

Different Types of Football

There are many games that descended from football; check out its 7 most popular variants

Soccer Throw-in

How is a soccer throw-in done? Know the rules and techniques in making a good, long throw-in.

How Many Players are on a Soccer Team?

Know the required number of players in every football game.

Different Free Kick Styles

There are various options open to player who takes the free-kick. The ball can be struck directly at the goal with force, chipped, curved or passed to a teammate.

Soccer Stoppage Time

What football fans & beginning players should know about injury time rules.

Free Kick Rules in Soccer

Learn the rules of football's direct and indirect free kicks that you may not have known before

Soccer Field Dimensions & Markings

Identify the different parts of a football pitch, their measurements, & what their markings are for.

Soccer Red Card

Answers to all the questions on football red card.

Soccer Goal Dimensions

Check out the official goal measurements for the different football variants and age groups.

Soccer Yellow Card Rules

What offenses or misconducts will merit a yellow penalty card?

Football Penalty Kick

Everything you need to know about penalty shootouts in soccer

Football Back Pass Rule

Soccer back pass rule makes the game more exciting. This simplified guide tells you why.

Soccer Kick Off

A simple guide to the rules & mechanics of the kickoff in football

Soccer foul and misconduct explained

Misconduct, infringement, offence commonly called soccer fouls are violation of the conduct of the game and there are ways to punish offenders.

Offside rule in soccer

Frequently misunderstood rule in football or soccer as decisions rest on an individual's interpretation of the law.

The Advantage Rule in soccer explained

Corner kick rule in soccer

A method for restarting a play after the goal cross the goal line, awarded to attacking team when the opposition is last to touch the ball

Goal kick rules in soccer

Also called as "Goalie Kick", a method of restarting play and is awarded to the defending team when the ball is struck directly into the goal

Equipment of soccer player

There are very specific regulations when it comes to equipment of soccer players and what is allowed and what is not on the soccer field.