Football Coach Quiz

Play our trivia game on famous & legendary soccer managers

Fabio Capello, one of the best football managers of all time

Football coach: Question 1
Which successful Italian football club Fabio Capello has never coached during his career?

a.    A.C. Milan
b.    Inter Milan
c.    A.S. Roma
d.    Juventus

Football coach: Question 2
Who was the coach of the victorious French football team of the 1998 World Cup?

a.    Raymond Domenech
b.    Gérard Houllier
c.    Aimé Jacquet
d.    Michel Platini

Football coach: Question 3
During his football playing career (1957-1974), what position did Alex Ferguson play?

a.    Goalkeeper
b.    Sweeper
c.    Attacking midfielder
d.    Striker

Football coach: Question 4
Who was named "Football Coach of the Century" by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) in 1999?

a.    The Brazilian Mario Zagallo
b.    The Franco-Argentine Helenio Herrera
c.    The Dutch Rinus Michels
d.    The Scottish Matt Busby

Football coach: Question 5
What was the nationality of Ernst Happel, one of only three soccer managers to have won the European Cup (Champions League) with two different clubs?

a.    German
b.    Austrian
c.    Hungarian
d.    Czech

Football coach: Question 6
With what team the English football manager Brian Clough won 2 consecutive European Cups?

a.    Leeds United
b.    Liverpool F.C.
c.    Aston Villa
d.    Nottingham Forest

Football coach: Question 7
When was former Inter Milano manager Marcello Lippi sacked during the 2000-2001 season?

a.    The day before the first match day of the season
b.    After the first match day
c.    One day before the last match day of the season
d.    Marcello Lippi was not fired, he resigned for health reasons
Football coach: Question 8
With which country German soccer coach Otto Rehhagel won the UEFA Euro title?

a.    Czechoslovakia in 1976
b.    Netherlands in 1988
c.    Denmark in 1992
d.    Greece in 2004

Football coach: Question 9
Nereo Rocco and Helenio Herrera are famous for their catenaccio strategy. Who is the football manager who inspired their defensive coaching style?

a.    Karl Rappan
b.    Valery Lobanovski
c.    Albert Batteux
d.    Bela Guttman

Football coach: Question 10
How many World Cup teams has the Serbian Bora Milutinovic coached?

a.    3 teams
b.    4 teams
c.    5 teams
d.    6 teams

Answers to the Soccer manager quiz:

Soccer manager: Answer 1
Inter Milan

Fabio Capello is famous for winning the domestic league title with every club he has managed. He started his coaching career with AC Milan (1991-96) with which he became a four-time Serie A champion and a Champions League winner.

He moved to Spain for the 1996-97 season where he won the Liga trophy with Real Madrid before returning to AC Milan. After completing the 1997-98 season with Milan, he moved to AS Roma (1999-2004) and gave the team its first championship in 21 years.

In 2004, Capello joined Juventus where he won two consecutive championships but both were revoked after the football match-fixing scandal in 2006.

Soccer manager: Answer 2
Aimé Jacquet

In 1994, Aimé Jacquet was appointed as manager for the French soccer squad. He made radical changes to the team by building it around young players and excluding the two stars of French football, Eric Cantona and David Ginola. Heavy criticisms followed him until he led France to the 1998 FIFA World Cup victory.
Soccer manager: Answer 3

Alex Ferguson was 16 when he debuted as striker for Queen’s Park. After three seasons, scoring 15 goals in 31 games, Ferguson skipped to different clubs until he moved to Rangers in 1967. He was bought for £65,000, a Scottish football club record at that time. He played with two more clubs before retiring in 1974 to take on a football coaching career.

Soccer manager: Answer 4
The Dutch Rinus Michels

Rinus Michels is most famous for having developed Total Football, an attacked-oriented strategy dubbed as the best football tactic ever. He led Netherlands club Ajax to victory in the European Champion Club’s Cup in 1971 and the Dutch football team to the final of the 1974 World Cup. He was also the Dutch squad’s manager when it won its only European Football Championship title in 1988.

Soccer manager: Answer 5

Austrian Ernst Happel is one of the most successful football managers ever, having won both league championships and national cups in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria. He also has two European Cups across his name: one with Feyenoord Rotterdam in 1970 and the other with Hamburg SV in 1983. He also led the Dutch football squad to the final of the 1978 World Cup.

Soccer manager: Answer 6
Nottingham Forest

Brian Clough is distinguished in English football history for leading Nottingham Forest, a modest English club, to a back-to-back European football Cup title in 1979 and 1980. He also brought an English Championship to provincial club Derby County in 1972.

Soccer manager: Answer 7
After the first matchday

Lippi went to Inter Milano in the summer of 1999 after five seasons as coach of Juventus, where he won three Scudettos and the 1996 Champions League. However, he was not able to replicate his success with the Milan club and was fired after the opening game of the 2000-01 Serie A season.  

Soccer manager: Answer 8
Greece in 2004

Otto Rehhagel is one of very few people who, as player and coach, has participated in over 1,000 Bundesliga games which earned him the nickname Das Kind der Bundesliga (the child of the Bundesliga).

Rehhagel is best known for being coach of the Greek football team since 2001 and for helping the squad lift the European football championship trophy in 2004 with a 1-0 win over a much favored Portugal. The Euro 2004 victory earned him the new nickname of King Otto.

Soccer manager: Answer 9
Karl Rappan

Karl Rappan was an Austrian football player and coach. He introduced a new tactic in football called the “Swiss latch”, which became the precursor of the Italian catenaccio. He also introduced a new football position, the sweeper.

Soccer manager: Answer 10
5 teams

Bora Milutinovic is one of the most well-traveled coach in football, having managed five different World Cup teams: Mexico in 1986, Costa Rica in 1990, United States in 1994, Nigeria in 1998, and China in 2002. German football legend Franz Beckenbauer noted that Mulitinoivc should be among the top three best managers for leading all national teams he coach through World Cup qualifications.