Football Goalkeeper Quiz

Find out how much you can score on this soccer goalie trivia game

Peter Schmeichel, one of the best football goalkeepers in history

Football goalkeeper: Question 1
For which Portuguese club the Danish goalie Peter Schmeichel played?

a.    F.C. Porto
b.    S.L. Benfica
c.    Sporting Clube de Braga
d.    Sporting Clube de Portugal

Football goalkeeper: Question 2
Which goalkeeper has scored the most goals in his career?

a.    The Paraguayan José Luis Chilavert
b.    The Bulgarian Dimitar Ivankov
c.    The Brazilian Rogério Ceni
d.    The Colombian René Higuita

Football goalkeeper: Question 3
Who is the most expensive goalkeeper transfer in the history of football?

a.    Angelo Peruzzi from Internazionale Milano to S.S. Lazio
b.    Gianluigi Buffon from Parma F.C. to Juventus
c.    Fabien Barthez from AS Monaco to Manchester United
d.    Petr Cech from Stade Rennais to Chelsea

Football goalkeeper: Question 4
Who is the only goalkeeper who has received the European Footballer of the Year award (Ballon d’Or)?

a.    The Russian-Soviet Lev Yashin
b.    The Italian Dino Zoff
c.    The German Oliver Kahn
d.    The Italian Gianluigi Buffon

Football goalkeeper: Question 5
Who is the most capped football goalkeeper of all time?

a.    The Swedish Thomas Ravelli
b.    The Dutch Edwin van der Sar
c.    The Saudi Arabian Mohamed Al-Deayea
d.    The Turkish Rü?tü Reçber

Football goalkeeper: Question 6
What was the nickname of the goalie Ricardo Zamora who played 16 years (1920-1936) for the Spanish football team?

a.    El Divino (The Divine)
b.    El Celestiales (The heavenly)
c.    El Espléndido ( The splendid)
d.    El Prodigioso (The prodigious)

Football goalkeeper: Question 7
“El Loco” (The Fool) René Higuita is famous for his Scorpion kick save. Against which team did the Colombian goalie perform this wonderful football moment?

a.    England national team during a friendly game
b.    Argentina national team during a Copa América match
c.    Vélez Sársfield during a Copa Libertadores game
d.    Deportivo Cali during a football league game of Colombia

Football goalkeeper: Question 8
The Mexican goalkeeper Jorge Campos was famous for his shortness (5 ft 6 in, 1.68m), his risky plays and his ability to play as a striker (35 goals in career). What other characteristic made “El Brody” stand out?

a.    His colorful keeper equipment
b.    His very long hair
c.    He was playing with the number 11, an inappropriate number for a goalie
d.    He removed his denture before each game

Football goalkeeper: Question 9
Which soccer goalkeeper is known to have made the “Save of the century”?

a.    The Italian Walter Zenga against a penalty kick by Diego Maradona during the semi-final of the 1990 World Cup
b.    The German Harald Schumacher against a left kick by Michel Platini during the semi-final of the 1982 World Cup
c.    The English Gordon Banks against a header by Pelé during a group match of the 1970 World Cup
d.    The Russian-Soviet Lev Yashin against a right kick by Franz Beckenbauer during the semi-final of the 1966 World Cup

Football goalkeeper: Question 10
Which player used to kiss the shaved head of French keeper Fabien Barthez during the 1998 Football World Cup?

a.    The attacking midfielder Zinedine Zidane
b.    The sweeper Laurent Blanc
c.    The captain Didier Deschamps
d.    The left back Bixente Lizarazu

Answers to the football keeper quiz:

Soccer goalie: Answer 1
Sporting Clube de Portugal

Schmeichel spent the best part of his career wearing the Manchester United jersey in which he became a five-time Premier League champion, three-time FA Cup holder, and a Champions League winner.

At the end of the 1999 season, the Danish keeper decided to leave English football as his age no longer permitted him to keep up his high standards of play. He joined Sporting CP and won the 2000 Liga, the highest title in Portuguese football.

Soccer goalie: Answer 2
The Brazilian Rogério Ceni

Rogerio Ceni is a Brazilian goalkeeper who plays for São Paulo and, formerly, for the Brazilian national football squad.

On August 20, 2006, he scored his 63rd and 64th goal against Cruzeiro, beating the 62-goal record of Jose Luis Chilavert for most goals scored by a keeper. Today, Ceni has scored a total of 96 goals, an absolute record for a goalkeeper. He all scored his goals from penalty and free kicks (43 penalties, 53 free kicks).

Soccer goalie: Answer 3
Gianluigi Buffon from Parma F.C. to Juventus

Gianluigi Buffon racked the most expensive football transfer for a goalkeeper when Italian football giant Juventus bought him in the summer of 2001 for 53 million Euros (around $70 million).

Soccer goalie: Answer 4
The Russian-Soviet Lev Yashin

Lev Ivanovich Yashin (1929-1990) was a Soviet player who is considered the best football goalkeeper ever. He was given the Ballon d’Or in 1963 and is still the only keeper to have won the award.

The Black Spider, as Yashin became known because of his all-black outfit, spent his entire club career with Dynamo Moscow. With the USSR, he won gold medal in the 1956 Olympics and the 1960 European Football Championship.

Soccer goalie: Answer 5
The Saudi Arabian Mohamed Al-Deayea

Mohammad Al-Deayea holds the record for most international caps with 181. He played as goalie for the Saudi Arabian football squad for 17 years (1989-2006). He retired from football in June 2010.

Soccer goalie: Answer 6
El Divino (The Divine)

Ricardo Zamora is one of the most remarkable goalkeepers in the history of Spanish football. He was nicknamed “The Divine” for his amazing feats on the field. Spain’s annual award for the goalkeeper who has the lowest goals-to-games ratio, the Ricardo Zamora Trophy, was established in his honor.

Soccer goalie: Answer 7
England national team during a friendly game

Rene Higuita rose to greater fame during a friendly match between England and Colombia at Wembley in September 1995. Famous English soccer player Jamie Redknapp launched a lob towards the goal but Higuita, instead of simply catching it, let the ball go over his head before clearing it with his back heels. Higuita himself dubbed it the “Scorpion Kick.”

Higuita was scolded by his coach after his recklessness but it did not affect the 0-0 outcome. England coach Terry Venables remarked, “It’s probably the reason why his last three managers have had heart attacks.”

Soccer goalie: Answer 8
His colorful keeper equipment

Jorge Campos is one of the most popular Mexican players of the 1990s. This keeper was known for eccentric behavior and risky plays. His outfit during the 1994 World Cup also makes him an unforgettable image: a jersey-shorts combination of pink, green, yellow and red, all in very flashy neon.

Soccer goalie: Answer 9
The English Gordon Banks against a header by Pelé during a group match of the 1970 World Cup

Gordon Banks highlighted the 1970 World Cup with a spectacular save against Brazil, which became known as the “Save of the Century”.

During the match, Pele executed a header close the right post, he was so certain that it would go in that he shouted “Golo!” (goal!). However, Banks got a hand on the ball and tipped it over the crossbar. Unfortunately, the English keeper’s heroic play was not enough to prevent a 0-1 defeat to the Seleção.

Soccer goalie: Answer 10
The sweeper Laurent Blanc

One of the most enduring images of the 1998 World Cup is of sweeper Laurent Blanc kissing the shaved head of goalkeeper Fabien Barthez before the start of every match. It started as an unusual gesture but as France progressed in the competition, it became a ritual anticipated by fans.