The Gold Cup Winners List

CONCACAF Gold Cup title-holders index, winners table, champions history list; Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football medalists.

USA won the 1991 CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament1991 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Final: U.S. (winner), Honduras (runner up)
Teams: U.S., Mexico, Canada; Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica; Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala
Host: United States

July 7, 1991, the final match between United States and Honduras went for penalties after ending goalless after the extra time. U.S. became the first champions by winning 4-3 in the shootout. It marked the first major title for the nation at a period when soccer was experiencing remarkable growth in the region.


Mexico won the 1993 CONCACAF Gold Cup trophy1993 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Final: Mexico (winner), U.S. (runner up)
Teams: U.S., Mexico, Canada; Jamaica, Martinique; Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica
Hosts: United States and Mexico

Mexico beat the U.S. in the final held at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. The 4-0 win guaranteed Mexico the first Gold Cup title. Zaguinho scored the third goal, bringing his tally for the tournament to a remarkable eleven goals.


Mexico captured the Gold Cup trophy for the second time in 19961996 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Final: Mexico (winner), Brazil (runner up)
Teams: U.S., Mexico, Canada; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago; Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala; Brazil
Host: United States

Nine teams took part in the tournament with Brazil being the first team, from outside the zones, to be invited. The Brazilians made it to the finals only to lose to Mexico by 2-0 granting them a successive title win. The U.S. missed a chance to play in the final for the first time.


Mexican team dominated the American to win the 1998 CONCACAF Gold Cup Championship1998 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Final: Mexico (winner), U.S. (runner up)
Team: U.S., Mexico, Canada; Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago; Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador; Brazil
Host: United States

The number of participants further expanded to ten. Jamaica stepped in to replace Canada who withdrew from the tournament. Mexico eliminated Jamaica in the semifinal to advance to the final. A lone goal by the Mexican Luis Hernandez preserved a win for his team in the tight final match against the United States. Mexico became winners for a straight third time.


Canada captured The Gold Cup trophy in 20002000 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Final: Canada (winner), Colombia (runner up)
Teams: Mexico, U.S., Canada; Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago; Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras; Columbia, Peru, South Korea
Host: United States

Twelve teams participated in the 2000 CONCACAF Gold Cup. Canada advanced from the group stage through a coin toss in their favor. They went on to eliminate the champions at the time, Mexico, in the quarters and Trinidad and Tobago in the semis. The final game was against the invitees Colombia which Canada won 2-0 to earn their only Gold Cup title to date.


2002 CONCACAF Gold Cup Champion - USA2002 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Final: U.S. (winner), Costa Rica (runner up)
Teams: U.S., Canada, Mexico; Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador; Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Martinique; Ecuador, South Korea
Host: United States

Goals in both halfs granted the United States a 2-0 victory over Costa Rica in the 2002 final. The win gave U.S. their second Gold Cup title and that came after they knocked out the title holders, Canada, in the semifinal through penalties.


2003 CONCACAF Gold Cup Winner was Mexico2003 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Final: Mexico (winner), Brazil (runner up)
Teams: Mexico, U.S., Canada; Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica; Jamaica, Martinique, Cuba; Colombia, Brazil
Host: United States and Mexico

Mexico won their fourth title after failing to impress in the previous two tournaments. The Mexicans outscored the Brazilians 1-0 in the final in extra time to maintain their impressive performance in the tournament. They had eliminated Jamaica and Costa Rica on their way to the final.


USA once again won the CONCACAF Gold Cup in 20152005 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Final: U.S. (winner), Panama (runner up)
Teams: U.S., Mexico, Canada; Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago; Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama; South Africa, Colombia
Host: United States

U.S. went to the finals after crashing Honduras 2-1 in the semifinal, maintaining an unbeaten run. Their opponents this time were Panama. The final match had to be determined through a penalty shootout when it remained scoreless after extra time. United States won 3-1 to grab their third title.


The Americans captured CONCACAF Gold Cup 2007 trophy2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Final: U.S. (winner) Mexico (runner up)
Teams: U.S., Mexico, Canada; Haiti, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Guadeloupe; Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras
Host: United States

There were no invitees from other confederations. In the final, the defending champions came from behind to win 2-1 over Mexico. Throughout the tournament, the United States showed their intent to win a successive title with impressive performances against Panama and Canada in the knockout stages.


CONCACAF Gold Cup 2009 won by the Mexican team2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Final: Mexico (winner), U.S. (runner up)
Teams: U.S., Mexico, Canada; Jamaica, Haiti, Grenada, Guadeloupe; Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua
Host: United States

The U.S and Mexico met for a third time in the final. Both teams had notable performances in the history of the competition as both shared a record of four Gold Cup titles. Therefore, the final could end in favor of either team. However, it was the Mexicans who became victorious thrashing their opponents 5-0 in a delightful final.


Mexico celebrates for winning the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2011 tournament2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Final: Mexico (winner) U.S. (runner up)
Teams: U.S., Mexico, Canada; Cuba, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Grenada; El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala
Host Country: United States

Once again the previous finalists met again in the 2011 Gold Cup final. During the 11th edition, the two teams were considered the tournament’s favorites hence the final was to be a measure of strength for the teams. U.S. suffered yet again under the brilliance of Mexico as they went on to lose 4-2 in the final. This added to Mexico’s tally of titles, making it a record six Gold Cup victories.


USA beats Panama to capture the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup trophy2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Final: U.S. (winner), Panama (runner up)
Teams: U.S., Mexico, Canada; Cuba, Martinique, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti; Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador
Host Country: United States

Panama defeated the defending champions in the semifinal of the tournament to advance to the final where they faced the U.S. This was a rematch of the 2005 final. The game was won by the U.S. through a lone goal in the 69th minute. Thus the current champions have five Gold Cup titles, one less than Mexico.