UEFA Europa League top 10 goal scorers

Ten of the best goal scorers in Euro league

The UEFA Europa League is a yearly competition of the association of football clubs. The Cup was launched in 1971 by the UEFA. The teams that qualify for the competition are those that are ranked between the 7th and the 9th in a national league and they should have 4 berths. Here is a look at the UEFA Europa League top 10 goal scorers.

German striker Karl-Heinz Rummenigge won the Intercontinental Cup, the European Cup, as well as two league titles and two domestic cups10. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Goals: 22 goals
Country: West Germany
Years Active: 1977 – 1989

The former West German professional footballer, who had his successful years at Bayern Munich. He is a current chairman of Bayern Munich and the CEO of Bayern Muchin AG, a branch of the parent team. He represented two teams in the Europa League, managing to score 22 goals in 49 games.

During the 1971–72 campaign, Martin Chivers hit the best form of his career, netting 44 times in 64 first team appearances9. Martin Chivers

Goals: 22 goals
Country: England
Years Active: 1971 – 1978

A former England striker, who was a prolific striker in his active years and was always determined, right from his youthful years, to his 30s, when he retired. He has won several cups and titles with his former clubs and he represented Tottenham in the Europa League, managing to score 22 goals in 34 matches.

Jermain Defoe became the 20th player to score a century of Premier League goals, and is currently the 11th highest goalscorer in Premier League history8. Jermain Defoe

Goals: 23 goals
Country: England 
Years Active: 2006 – Current 

Defoe is an England striker, who was common in the news while playing for Tottenham. He is a striker who is strong in mind and physically as well. He represented two teams in the Europa League and managed to score 23 goals in 33 matches. He was also named the Premier League player of the year in 2006.

German striker Jupp Heynckes is the third highest goalscorer in the history of the Bundesliga, with 220 goals7. Jupp Heynckes

Goals: 23 goals
Country: Germany
Years Active: 1971 – 1975

Heynckes is also a former West German striker, who is a famously known to handle Bayern Munich. In his prime years, he was a prolific goal scorer, who managed to win many more titles. He played in the Europa League with only one club, managing to score 23 goals in only 21 games.

Alessandro Altobelli was a prolific goalscorer, became one of the greatest and most effective Italian striker of the late 1970s and 1980s6. Alessandro Altobelli

Goals: 25 goals
Country: Italy 
Years Active: 1977 – 1989

Altobellli is a former Italian professional player, who played as a striker. He has a slender body, which saw him earning the nickname, needle and he was a creative goal scorer. He is the all time best goal scorer of the Coppa Italia and also represented 2 clubs in the Europa League, scoring 25 goals in 28 matches.

Shota Arveladze is Georgia’s all-time top scorer with 291 goals in his 410 league games for his clubs and 26 goals in his 61 games for the national team5. Shota Arveladze

Goals: 27 goals
Country: Georgia
Years Active: 1977 - 2007

Shota is a former Georgian striker, who is a currently a manager of Tasimpasa SK. He was an energetic striker in his prime times and managed to play for several top clubs, including Levante. Arveladze is the all time leading scorer of Georgia, with a total of 291 goals. He also represented 4 teams in the Europa League and managed to score 27 goals in 44 matches.

Dieter Muller played in the 1976 European Football Championship and the 1978 FIFA World Cup4. Dieter Muller

Goals: 29 goals
Country: West Germany
Years Active: 1973 – 1984

Muller is a former professional striker, who was also great in his active years. The West German was known for his hard work while on the field and endless scoring skills. He represented 3 teams in the Europa League and managed to score 29 goals in only 36 matches. He scored 25 of those goals for one single club and he was also named the top scorer in Bundesliga for some years.

Klaas Jan Huntelaar  is a prolific striker who scored 30 goals in Euro League3. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

Goals: 30 goals
Country: Netherlands
Years Active: 2004 – Current 

Huntelaar is a Dutch striker, who plays for Netherlands and currently at Schlake 04. He is a striker known for his brilliant first touch and amazing finishing style when in the penalty area. He has played for other clubs, but has represented three clubs in the Europa League, managing to score 30 goals in 38 appearances.

Radamel Falcao is Colombian professional footballer who plays as a striker, represented Colombia at the 2011 and 2015 Copa América, he made 30 goals in Euro League2. Radamel Falcao

Goals: 30 goals
Country: Colombia
Years active: 2010 – Current 

Falcao has earned the name the King of Europa League or El Tigre, Spanish for The Tiger. He is a Columbian attacker, who is more of a goal scorer than a dribbler. He set a record of 17 goals in a single tournament in the Europa League, which was the most goals scored. He scored 30 goals in 31 appearances of his Europa League, representing only two teams.

Henrik Larsson played for Sweden in three World Cups and three European Championships and is a former captain of the national team, he made 40 goals in Euro League1. Henrik Larsson

Goals: 40 goals
Country: Sweden
Years Active: 1996 – 2010

Henrik Larsson is a former Swedish attacker, who was well known for his goal scoring skills, along with his intelligence on the field. He managed to score 40 goals in 56 appearances, representing 3 clubs. Besides being the all time Europa League top scorer, he has featured in the Hall of Fame of Scotland and he won the European Golden Boot in 2001.